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Slow Down, Sell Faster! Sales Training

Master the 8 Roles of Buying-Focused Selling

Built on principles presented in the book, Slow Down, Sell Faster!, this program gives salespeople an easy-to-use model for adjusting their sales behavior to get in sync with their customer’s buying behavior.

Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

The simple sale involving only one decision maker is getting rarer and rarer. There will likely be multiple decision makers, each with different interests, needs, and degrees of influence – and each will likely be at a different step of the buying process at any given moment in time.

This module of Slow Down, Sell Faster! provides the strategies and tactics salespeople need to win the complex sale.

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Slow Down, Sell Faster Sales Model
The Slow Down, Sell Faster! sales model is a practical guide to keeping in step with your customers. The model incorporates the 8 predictable steps of customer buying, and explains the types of professional skills best matched to helping customers through each step – better than your competitors do.

The Slow Down, Sell Faster! sales model also incorporates practical advice on how to better navigate relationships on the customer side when there is more than one decision maker involved.

How Customers Buy
Customers go through eight predictable steps every time they consider a major purchase. To figure out how to best serve your customers, you need to figure out where they are in their buying process and what kinds of information they need so they can move on to the next step.

Having a better understanding of customer buying enables you to ask questions that are in sync with how your customer is thinking.

Skills Needed to Help Customers Buy
The Slow Down Sell Faster!™ model describes 8 Sales “Roles” that represent the professional skills you’ll need to best help a customer through each step of the customer buying process.