Sales Training

Building and sustaining elite high performance sales organizations must first begin by executing on multiple sales intelligences that build value and differentiation with today’s more demanding decision makers. As the buying process and buying behavior continues to evolve, so must the skills of selling professionals.

This modern sales development program accelerates sales effectiveness to help selling professionals achieve higher levels of success and win more business. Cooperation Selling was developed as the result of sales process consulting, training, coaching, best practices, and research collected by working with more than 70,000 selling professionals and sales leaders over the course of more than two decades.

The New Selling IQ softcover book

Differentiate Selling By Understanding Buying!

The most powerful path to selling success has always been to better understand the buyer and their decision process. So why do traditional selling methods focus on selling instead of the buyer decision process? Cooperation Selling adds a new dimension to traditional selling by synchronizing buyers and sellers to create an unequaled partnering experience!
Research proves that customers are far more likely to award their business to the seller who understands them and guides them through each step of their decision process. See for yourself how Cooperation Selling can create an amazing platform to eliminate common challenges and improve selling results!
Value Added Sales Methodology
This program focuses on the Buyer Decision Science, and how today's sales winners can best partner and guide them through their buying decision process.  With this knowledge, professional sellers can now be proactively prepared to:
  • Align perfectly with customers in their decision process
  • Provide a differentiating buyer centric seller experience
  • Identify, engage and partner with more decision influencers
  • Win more competitive selling situations without discounting price

Customers want salespeople to:
  • Be personally accountable for desired results
  • Understand their unique needs
  • Be a customer advocate
  • Design or recommend the right solution for them
  • Be easily accessible if problems occur
  • Be creative when responding to changing needs