Management Development

Advanced manager training for driving optimal performance and results!

Due to the rapid change and ongoing industry consolidations and transformations, progressive organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of effective leadership at every level of management. This management training program contains the principles and strategies for maximizing leadership effectiveness and accelerating career growth.

Combining the power of introspection, knowledge, skills and an application driven methodology, this high energy experiential session provides proven and practical solutions that will maximize your business performance. This internationally recognized program returns solid dividends and positively impacts leadership effectiveness for all those who participate.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Create a stronger sense of personal leadership responsibility
  • Install a scalable and consistent performance management methodology
  • Improved decision making
  • Become a proactive leaders in reactive environments
  • Engage priority driven time management abilities
  • Improve management planning and action mapping
  • Have greater influence on behavioral conduct, activity and performance
  • Accelerate organizational change
  • Convert work groups into high performance teams
  • Source and select higher quality candidates
  • Achieve higher job standards and performance goals
  • Solidify the entire employee development process
  • Provide more effective and consistent feedback and coaching
  • Improve communication and employee feedback…and many more!

A Complete Management Operating System


  • Introduction-Agenda-Expectations
  • Redefining Management Effectiveness
  • Proactive Management & Decision Dynamics Simulations
  • Action Commitments

Return On Effort

  • Analyzing Today's Complex Roles & Priorities
  • Common Time Wasters
  • Priority Based Time Management Solutions & Best Practices

Recruiting And Selection

  • Identifying Hiring Criteria
  • Creative Candidate Sourcing
  • Selection Process-Best Practices
  • Differentiating The Interview Environment
  • Interviewing Recommendations Guide

Performance Coaching

  • Defining MVP Behavior
  • Communicating Standards To Raise The Bar
  • C3 Coaching Methodology
  • Interactive Employee Development

Communication And Retention

  • Communication & Adult Learning Styles
  • Building & Sustaining A Motivational Environment & Success Culture
  • Conducting Powerful Meetings

Action Mapping

  • Tactical Mapping Tool
  • Business Priorities & Goals
  • Team Development Plan
  • Implementation Success Plan


  • Defining & Clarifying Strengths
  • Identifying Overused Skills & Development Opportunities
  • Creating Forward Commitment Strategies


Management Leadership Program Model