Customer Experience Training

Superior Customer Service is accomplished with a combination of Customer Service, Customer Care, and the entire Customer Experience!

Providing a Superior Customer Service experience is more important than ever! Staying on top in a hyper-competitive business environment takes more than just acquiring new customers; it takes keeping them and earning more purchasing loyalty in the future.

And yet according to research, more customers expect to be mishandled and dissatisfied than completely satisfied when engaging over customer service issues. Why is that? Simple. Poor past customer service experiences have left customers frustrated and looking for a better alternative. And, they are willing to pay more to get it!

Superior Customer Service "Walk The Customer Experience Talk" offers a proven process along with easy to implement applications and strategies designed to exceed your customers' reasonable expectation for assistance, advice and a total customer experience.


Customer Service is an attitude... not a department!

You Will Learn How To:
  • Engage and partner with more appreciative customers
  • More quickly recognize important customer issues and opportunities
  • Identify, understand and leverage customer motivations
  • Create more meaningful customer dialog and satisfied outcomes
  • Review, solidify and/or create internal customer satisfaction process and documentation
  • Eliminate customer frustration and replace it with more cooperation
  • Learn and implement the DISCovery customer questioning and problem resolution method
  • Understand what it takes to provide a great customer experience
  • Use specific and easily implemented behavioral techniques for displaying empathy, showing respect and engaging difficult customers
  • Implement professional communication techniques for electronic and real-time online chat etiquette
  • And much more...

This program explains how to achieve complete customer satisfaction through proper professional engagement, problem resolution and customer buy-in. Prepared with this knowledge, professional customer service providers can now:

  • Align perfectly with customers to provide a superior customer service experience
  • Dissolve customer barriers to provide meaningful and appreciated communication
  • Identify and resolve customer issues more quickly
  • Overcome customer dissatisfaction and friction to create cooperative outcomes


Research shows that customers believe they have been mishandled, over-promised, uselessly transferred and left feeling dissatisfied with many of their customer experiences.


Superior Customer Service may not be a frequent experience according to many customers, but it can be taught and implemented with your customer service providers.  Our method provides the right amounts of Customer Service, Customer Care, and Customer Experience knowledge and application to take your customer service providers to their highest and most productive professional level.

Participants Receive:

  • Comprehensive Participant 'Playbook'
  • Softcover book
  • Implementation Coaching 'Hotline'


Session Length:

8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. | One Day


Recommended Audience:

All employees and managers that contribute to the overall customer experience.

(It is recommended that managers and supervisors attend the session with their employees for best immediate implementation results.)