Help Your Team Boost Sales Even When They're Out of Office

Help Your Team Boost Sales Even When They're Out of Office

Sales methods and strategies may have changed through the years, but core values remain the same. Clients want to work with professionals with whom they feel a personal connection. Still, resting on the laurels of an established sales record could be holding you and your team back from increased business and exciting new ventures.

Unlike other careers, sales doesn’t end once team members “clock out” for the night. Instead, opportunities to make and close deals exist anywhere and everywhere. As an accomplished sales manager, you’re in a unique position to guide your already dynamic sales team to further perfect the craft. Get started with this advice:

See the Opportunity in Every Interaction

You’ve heard of the 30-second ‘elevator speech’ often used at networking functions and in casual interactions. The idea is to make a positive impression in a short amount of time. Team members should always be on the ready to briefly explain company specifics, what their specific role is, and how working with your sales team directly benefits the prospective client.

This focused messaging produces a smooth and polished (but not fake) initial impression of the brand and offered products or services. Research shows that clients prefer doing business with sales professionals they trust and respect. In fact, customers are four times more likely to buy from sales representatives with whom they’ve established a personal connection, according to 2018 research from Salesforce.

Harness the Power of Social Media

While in-person or telephone communication statistically results in higher sales volume, social media has increasingly become an extension of many people’s daily lives. When used as a complement to tried-and-true sales tactics, this outreach can further strengthen client bonds.

That same research uncovered 43 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend on social media. So, even if leads don’t immediately pan out, a pleasant customer experience could blossom into increased sales down the line.

Put “Out of Office” Messages to Work

There has been much debate about what messaging should be offered when sales professionals are on vacation or otherwise out of the office. Some believe pre-recorded memos are impersonal, while others contend they can help alleviate frustration when clients might otherwise believe they’re being ignored.

One point of agreement, however, is that whether by phone or email, these messages should provide a personal touch. Encourage your sales team to promote a product or service, plus an item of interest and value to the reader/listener.

When reps are attending professional development programs and seminars, have them make this fact known. Current and potential clients will be impressed by your commitment to the continued personal and professional advancement of your team members.

Keep Sales Skills Sharp

To that end, it’s important that your sales team is always learning and implementing new ideas and tactics. As mentioned, the world is rapidly changing, and your team members must be able to keep up with this transition.

Sales professionals naturally look to their managers for advice and guidance. That means it’s wise to seek out and partake in every opportunity to advance. Learning Outsource Group has a long history of empowering sales leaders to take success to a new level. Working with both major national brands and local companies, we can help you re-energize and excite your sales team. Contact us today to get started. 

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