Why Your Sales Team Isn't Meeting Goals

Why Your Sales Team Isn't Meeting Goals

You’ve worked hard to create a fantastic sales team full of dedicated professionals who bring varied skills and proficiencies to the table. They collaborate well together, are great with customers, and have a strong basic foundation of sales strategies. So what’s the reason for a recent change in productivity? The answer could be the need for a shift in sales leadership.

Even the most driven sales professional requires continual guidance and direction. There are other causes for a slow down in performance and not meeting established goals. Here are some of the most likely reasons your sales team is underperforming:

Lack of Motivation

Sales is a fast-paced and energetic endeavor. Most sales representatives embrace the field for the daily challenges it produces. They love to meet/exceed goals and push the boundaries of their professional abilities. So when the quest for results decreases, you know something’s wrong.

Unlike other jobs, very few sales professionals are interested in simply putting in their hours, collecting their pay, and heading home. Think about the sales pros on your team. Most of them always have their mobile devices handy and take advantage of every interaction, knowing it might translate into a future sale.

Still, your team members might feel that true sales excellence is out of reach. Armed with that thought (even if it’s an erroneous notion), they’ve stopped caring in the same way as when their careers began. As a dedicated and reliable sales manager, you have the power to re-ignite your team’s passion for sales.

That begins with proven sales management development. Here, you’ll learn how best to procure and train the best talent, coach sales professionals on a consistent basis, and implement specific action plans to ensure maximum sales success.

Unclear Objectives

Along with motivation comes clarity. Your sales team is only as good as their understanding of the goals you’ve set.

Though it might sound odd that personable sales representatives would be hesitant to speak up, the fact is that many professionals still think asking questions is a sign of weakness or incompetence. Eliminate those ideas by fostering a strong team culture based on collaboration, clear outcomes/deliverables, outstanding customer experiences, mutual respect, and more.

In addition, accountability and responsibility go a long way to motivate professionals whose fire for sales may have died down. Consistent awareness of and attention to transparency, morale, and other factors can reinvigorate unmotivated team members. A great place to start is by signing your team up for contemporary and impactful Cooperation Selling.

Improper Training

To that end, many sales leaders assume that employees are solely motivated by money. While compensation is certainly important, sales representatives are also focused on career advancement and demonstrating individual excellence. This goal is difficult to achieve, however, without clear and comprehensive training.

Lay the groundwork by first obtaining a Sales Management Leadership training. Doing so will put you in a position to more effectively lead. From there, you can and should encourage sales teams and individual members to advance their own sales knowledge, and continually seek out new opportunities to enhance sales tactics and help meet company goals.

Thirst for Dynamic Leadership

You didn’t get to where you are today by putting things on the back burner or waiting for someone else to step up. Instead, your focus on sales leadership has made you a valuable company asset. Now is the time to take that energy and motivation to a new level through innovative sales management training.

Here’s where you’ll learn how to better share your vision and help your team members to understand its importance. You’ll discover new ways to create concrete objectives and mentor your staff to reach those goals. Plus, you’ll glean valuable insight into important management tactics such as building trust and accountability, one-to-one meetings and sharing constructive feedback, celebrating success, and more. Contact us today to get started.

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