Improve Prospecting Techniques to Increase Sales

Improve Prospecting Techniques to Increase Sales

Mastering the art of prospecting is the goal of sales managers across the country. One of the most important aspects of the entire sales process, inefficient prospecting translates to wasted time, frustration, and diminished morale. On the other hand, stellar sales prospecting sets up your team for optimal performance.

Thankfully, there are methods by which you can improve your efforts and position your team for maximum success. Here are a few of the most popular:

Get Creative

During the Gold Rush of the late-1840s, the most profitable budding entrepreneurs were those who searched for riches in places the rest of the crowd had ignored or overlooked. The spirit of that wisdom is still valid today. By continually seeking out and embracing new methods, your team will quickly gain a solid reputation and make a reputable name for the company.

One way to accomplish that goal is by using online technology to your advantage. For instance, by tracking comments on social media, blog posts, and more, you can better understand the type of information prospective customers are seeking. When your sales reps can provide accurate and timely feedback, the positive impression could translate into a business opportunity. 

Foster Connections

You’ve guided your sales team to search for common ground with clients and to establish a friendly rapport. Help reps take that ingrained tendency to a new level by encouraging pre-research. Rather than discovering connecting information during client interaction, team members can actively seek common ground through investigative tactics. That includes reviewing client websites, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Along with follow-up, you can also assist team members by encouraging heightened sales data analytics. While prospecting goals are certainly part of this venture, make sure sales reps also include company-specific data and an accurate representation of the time spent pursuing each possible lead.

Be a Thought Leader

Now more than ever, the Internet is awash with information and insight on a wealth of different topics. Rather than adding to the noise, set yourself apart by becoming a thought leader. This is accomplished by contributing original and innovative perspectives on websites such as LinkedIn. You might also consider lending your expertise to industry publications, company blogs, and by speaking at trade shows and relevant conferences.

The idea is to become the go-to resource for client information and advice. Rather than searching online or speaking with competitors, potential customers will come to know your sales team as trustworthy subject matter experts.

In addition to exposure, this kind of outreach will also enable prospective clients to connect on a more personal level, before business contact is even established.

Enlist Assistance

As an intrepid sales manager, you know that striking sales prospecting gold is no easy task. That’s why it’s essential to partner with like-minded professionals who’ve encountered the same challenges. You need to connect with fellow sales managers who know how to ideate effective strategies and solutions to the most pressing scenarios.

When you work with Learning Outsource Group, you’ll gain a solid foundation on which you can continue to build outstanding and prolific sales teams. Offering decades of information and wealth of knowledge, our leadership team is committed to helping you excel at your sales endeavors. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have. Better yet, request your free assessment now.

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