15 Ways A Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment Can Give Your Sales Career A Boost

15 Ways A Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment Can Give Your Sales Career A Boost

How to identify the skills you need for sales career success

Self-assessment is an important step in career planning for early career sales professionals. And in career development for veteran sales executives.

Using self-assessment to decide what you want to do “in life” is one of Geoffrey James’ 3 Stages of Career Success. Not only can self-assessment help you decide where to work, but it can also uncover your strengths and challenges as you start out on your career journey.

While Geoffrey James is speaking to people just starting out in their career, we live in an age of career reinvention. Even professionals in their forties, fifties, and sixties will make career changes and find self-assessment to be helpful.

Career strategists and recruiters who counsel mid-career professionals also recommend self-assessment as a career growth tool, especially in tough economic times.

Self-assessments can measure different things. But the essence of self-assessment is personal analysis of your abilities.

In the same way that self-assessment can give your career direction, a sales self-assessment can also provide insight into your sales skills, knowledge, and competencies.

Here are 15 ways that self-assessment can help you find sales career success. Taking a sales self-assessment will help you …

  1. Understand and build on your strengths
  2. Find room for job improvement
  3. Develop action plans and goals
  4. Increase your productivity
  5. Identify areas for improvement
  6. Get what you want from your career
  7. Know what actions to avoid in the future
  8. Boost your confidence
  9. Shift direction in your sales career
  10. Better yourself
  11. Discover areas for additional training
  12. Chart your progress over time
  13. Be as objective as possible about your work performance
  14. Identify skills you need to brush up on or knowledge you may be missing
  15. Have success and happiness on the job

Take the Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment now. You’ll answer 34 questions. Then you will immediately receive a numerical score and a link to the Improvement Suggestion Guide. You can take the assessment as many times as you want. You can share it with your manager or your colleagues.

You could wait for your annual performance review for your manager to give you feedback and critique your job performance. You could wait until you’ve lost another sale or missed your quota. You could wait until company changes endanger your position.

Or you could take charge now. You could take the self-assessment and get a concrete action plan for improvement. You could uncover your strengths, build your self-confidence, and target skills to brush up on.

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