Do You Know the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make?

Do You Know the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make?

Do you spend too much time putting out fires?

Are you pulled in every direction?

Do you expect improvement from your team but just aren’t getting it?

You may be making one or more of the 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make. And aren’t aware of it.

It can be frustrating. It can hurt your effectiveness and hold back your team. It can even stunt your personal career growth.

It’s like dodging icebergs on the seas of change while greater obstacles float below the surface.

Sales managers are routinely promoted from within the ranks. As outstanding sales professionals, they often display a natural leadership. If they are so effective as sales people, everyone thinks, imagine how much they could accomplish if they led an entire team!

Career advancement often occurs like this in a fluctuating business landscape. As a salesperson, what other opportunities for advancement are there? Non-management career paths are scarce.

But successfully working a sales process is very different from effectively managing a sales team. The way grilling the perfect backyard burger compares to running Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace. Some tools and techniques are the same but many more people are involved.

It may be surprising but in most companies untrained sales managers make the same mistakes repeatedly.

But now you can stand out. You can better leverage your potential and accelerate your effectiveness.


  • When you use sales instinct experience to make management decisions … sales stagnate or decline and a true team never develops.
  • When you play the role of fire fighter … frustration and morale issues grow and sales processes slow down.
  • When you act on conflicting priorities … managers and employees burnout and assigned targets are missed.

Download The 10 Biggest Mistakes Sales Managers Make. You’ll receive a 9 page PDF listing the 10 mistakes. Plus an explanation of the problems they create. And recommendations for solving them.

Imagine coming to work every day and having meaningful inspiring conversations with your team. Encouraging and coaching them in their sales steps. Growing sales revenue. Building a lean, mean selling machine. Seeing steady improvement and consistently exceeding quota.

As nationally recognized sales management training experts, Learning Outsource Group can give you the knowledge you’ve been missing. And help you navigate the seas of change.

Sometimes, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

But now you do!

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