34 Self-Assessment Questions Every Sales Professional Should Ask

34 Self-Assessment Questions Every Sales Professional Should Ask

How to Develop Sales Skills, Knowledge, and Competencies with a Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment

Do you want to be a valued team member? An outstanding contributor in your company?

Do you want to advance in your career?

As a sales professional, you want to develop skills, competencies, and knowledge that will help you build a successful and fulfilling sales career. But maybe no one has told you what those are. Stop waiting for your company or manager to train you. Take charge of your learning.

Self-assessment will help you whether you drive your career development yourself, or you work for a company that provides ongoing career development. As career strategist Sara Canaday says, “Scientists and executives seem to agree that self-awareness is a critical component for success in virtually any environment—the workplace, our communities and even our families.”

In the current workplace, self-direction is more common and self-assessment becomes a valuable tool in your arsenal. Self-assessment is not just an assignment you did in school and never need to do again. It is an exercise you can do throughout your life.

Self-assessment also measures the progress you’re making toward your goal. When you take a trip, you monitor your progress to know where you’ve been and how far you have yet to go. Self-assessment tells you where you are on your career journey.

Athletes conduct self-assessments all the time, testing and gauging their strength and abilities. They make adjustments based on what they learn to improve their performance.

Rookie athletes aren’t the only ones who test themselves and work on self-improvement. Veteran players are just as committed to self-assessment. Sometimes they are even more committed as they’ve learned how valuable self-assessment can be.

Whole sports teams also test themselves in practice. And test each other. They assess, make adjustments, retest, and adjust again.

It is never too late to assess your skills and knowledge. You, too, can test yourself, adjust your sales knowledge and sales competence, and improve your performance. Then test yourself again.

Learning Outsource Group has created a 34 question Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment measuring your sales skills and knowledge.

For example, how often do you do any of these?

  1. Understand the customer’s industry.
  2. Work to stay abreast of industry trends.
  3. Gather information on a customer prior to the call.

After answering the 34 questions, you’ll immediately receive a numerical score and a one paragraph summary of your skills, knowledge, and competence. Next, you’ll receive a link to a list of suggestions for improvement in the Improvement Suggestion Guide.

Self-assessment is an important step in both career planning and career development. Imagine discovering where you can improve before your next performance assessment manager meeting. What if you took charge of your learning and self-improvement? And took charge of your career success?

Try out the Sales Effectiveness Self-Assessment now and start charting your progress. Revisit the quiz in a few months to see where you’ve improved and target other areas for growth. Control your career and make it work for you.

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